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Teaming up with churches to reach students in their local schools.

Coming to your community soon!

Pastors are busy

1,000 Communities and 1,000,000 Students Impacted in the Last 10 Years!

8 in 10 American teens don't attend church...

...but 9 in 10 attend public schools.

What does this mean?  Reaching teens with the gospel in today's culture is a challenge.  Since most students aren't inside church walls, why not go where they are?  Stand For Truth works with churches across the U.S. to reach into their local schools, and we want to work with YOU to impact students in your community. 

How It Works



School Assembly

We schedule a daytime, character-based school assembly with national youth speaker,  Joel Penton.

*Already booked at your local school!



Evening Concert

We invite students to an evening concert at the school where they hear the Gospel.



Student Impact

Students connect with your church and leave the concert with gospel-centered resources.

How it Works

I was humbled by the number of teens that were talking to me after the outreach. You guys have definitely breathed new life into me and our church as a whole!

- Pastor Bobby Allen, Whitesboro, New York


Q: This seems too good to be true.  How are you able to do this in public schools?
A: We provide schools with exactly what they're looking for: a high quality, non-religious assembly during the day. The evening concert is after school hours and is entirely optional for students. 

Q: What message are you sharing with the students?
A: The daytime message is all about the importance of keeping commitments. The evening concert includes a clear gospel presentation about Jesus' death for sin and his resurrection. The Stand For Truth Statement of Faith is here.


Q: How can we, the church leaders, connect with students?
A: This can happen three ways: (1) you can be introduced on stage during the concert, (2) we can hand out info to students about your weekly meetings, and (3) you can join the band and speaker immediately after the event to interact with students. 

Q: What is required of participating churches?
A: Nothing, beyond providing us info about your church to give to students. Stand For Truth handles all event logistics. But there are a few key ways you can pitch in to help make the event a success.  Click the "I'm In..." button to learn how. 


"I'm in! What's next?"

The events are coming up quickly, so we'll be in town before you know it!  There are some very practical (and entirely optional) ways you can be a part of the outreach that's happening in your schools: 

  • Connect with students at the event

  • Provide dinner for our team

  • Pray with us before the event

  • Host our team at your church on a Sunday morning


YOUR NEXT STEP?  Submit the form or connect with Jillian (she's super nice) to continue the conversation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Jillian Caudill

Live Events Coordinator


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